Industry and production, as the most important infrastructure of the country's economic development, when it has human capital with high scientific ability, expertise, creativity and vision along with innovation, it becomes the basis for growth, growth, industrial development and creates a dynamic and production-oriented economy. .

We at Yarag Sazan Arman Company always strive to be a member of the industrial society by focusing on customer orientation, diligent efforts to achieve higher quality of all products and special attention to environmental requirements and in all fields to meet the ever-increasing demand of customers. Let's try with all our strength.

We believe in Arman Fittings to move forward and achieve our future successes and gain many domestic and foreign markets with God's help, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

In this passage, we should not forget that men and women stepped into this collection and worked hard for its growth and prosperity so that the name of Arman Fittings Company shines on the production of fittings in the electrical industry of this country and a pioneering company in Iran and well-known. be in the region.
We hope that with the help of managers, engineers and hardworking employees of the company, we can move towards the increasing growth of Iran's electricity industry with effective work and high productivity.

Mohammad Khatibi
Chairman of the Board