Arman Hardware Co

Arman engineering and manufacturing company started its activities in 2018 by using the knowledge of young engineers and the experience of its managers by designing the latest and most up-to-date designs of fittings for transmission, super distribution and electricity distribution lines. And with the direct supervision of Tawanir's qualification evaluation and approval committee and the presence of three large and prominent companies of consulting engineers in the field of electricity, he succeeded in conducting typical tests and obtaining a certificate from the most famous laboratory in Europe up to the level of 400 kV. In addition to directly establishing quality management and membership in the Electrical Industry Syndicate and the Iranian Research and Development Association, this company committed itself to producing products with stable quality, and in the years of its activity, at the same time as expanding the use of ADSS, OPGW fiber optic cables for data transmission, it succeeded in The design and production of the most up-to-date type of relevant equipment and the obtaining of a certificate for conducting typical tests. Currently, according to the operating license of the Ministry of Security, this company has a nominal capacity of producing 13,000 tons of all kinds of fittings and 15,000 sets of telecommunication cable joints, and is considered as the largest producer of fittings in the country, which has completed more than 300 transmission line projects and Year 2015, by adding clamps for high voltage posts to its products, it has completed its product portfolio and is trying to leave a lasting name in the electrical industry by providing continuous satisfaction to respected employers. Certificates:
1- ISO 9001-2015 quality management system certificate 2- ISO 14001 certificate of environmental requirements
3- Exploitation license of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade
4- Certificate of membership in the Iranian Electricity Industry Syndicate
5- Certificate of membership in the Research and Development Association of Iran
6- Type test certificate of KV 63 fittings from VEIKI-VNL of Hungary
7- Type test certificate of KV 132 fittings from VEIKI-VNL of Hungary
8- Type test certificate of KV 230 fittings from VEIKI-VNL Hungary
9- Type test certificate of KV 400 fittings from VEIKI-VNL Hungary
10- Type test certificate of optical fiber equipment from NRI Research Institute
11- IP test certificate of telecommunications joints from EPIL laboratory
12- Membership in the long list of manufacturers of the Ministry of Energy
13- Membership in AVL of the Ministry of Oil